It is long said “The race isn’t to the swift nor the battle to the strong” The artist painted this piece as a collage as opposed to a real time event, In an attempt to capture social and economic factors plaguing neighborhoods of color. However this piece in no way excuses the violence that people of color are committing against each other on a daily basis, but reveal that the starting line is further back for some and further ahead for others. The artist captures many images such as defaced buildings unhealthy food choices, heavy police presence, economic oppression, young men and women dressed in expensive clothing while still living in low income areas. But how did we get here?
The dates on the runners are important and Notorious events in black history such as the the black wall street massacre, Nat Turners Slave revolt, and the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Unfortunately systemic racism still exist whether we admit it or not but how great would it be if the only race that mattered was the Human Race.

Original size: 48×60 Oil, Acrylic on Canvas

Print size: 31×25 white or black frame with glass

Signed Limited Edition prints on canvas numbered and comes with Certificate of Authenticity

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