About the Artist

Prior to adding a single piece of furniture or décor to a room, one should start with a masterpiece of art.

-Neil Anthony Edwards

A visionary who unequivocally evokes emotion through his use of translucent color and unorthodox expressions which exudes his love for fashion, luxury and seeing his artistic imagination illuminating residential vestibules globally. Encapsulating the brand’s motto that “Luxury begins with art”, Neil Anthony Edward’s artwork encompasses the astral and physical dimension bridging a galactic subconscious touching on the esoteric and religious aspects of the human psyche.

Born in America to Caribbean parents, New York based artist, Neil Anthony Edwards, attended High School for Art and Design where he studied color theory, critical thinking, and artistic techniques. As a result, he began to hone his skills and deeply explore his interest in painting for the next few years. After taking a break from painting to follow other life pursuits, Edwards attended Stony Brook University, where he would go on to be drafted and become a professional basketball player in the NBA playing for the Los Angeles Clippers. Following his career in the NBA, Edwards began traveling overseas to play international basketball in countries such as China, Lebanon, Venezuela, and Italy.

Though traveling abroad, Edwards passion and love for art never receded. By absorbing influences from multi-cultural environments, he was able to incorporate his skills from illustrating characters from graphic and cinematic genres combined with a pollock-esque connection. Edwards creates his pieces using canvas, oil, acrylic, goldleaf, metallic silver and interior paint.

Edwards has gone on to earn over 6 figures in artwork salesand and has presented his pieces in galleries such as Hamptons Fine art Fair 2022 and 2023 Art is Life gallery 2022 and many more.

Since becoming a well renown artist, Neil has gone on to present his artwork in solo exhibitions such as Clover’s Fine Art Gallery, NY (2020 and 2021) and Art Basel Miami (2021).

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