Hidden Royalty

36”x 48”in Acrylic and Interior Paint on Canvas

The meaning behind hidden Royalty is as such, it has been etched into very fabric that were slaves and nothing more. What were we before? Why such extraordinary attempts to keep this hidden? Why is it stripped from our curriculum? The red represents the blood that was shed so we can be prosperous. The green represents the land that was not our own but now is. The orange represents the poor nutrition and lack of education yet we still overcame. Orange is also a symbol of strength and endurance. The blue represents the ocean we crossed and the sky we gazed into missing our homeland and hoping for freedom. These colors are formed in bars signifying the mental prison we exist in now.
The summary of this piece is our Royalty has been hidden!!!

Signed High Resolution Giclee prints on canvas numbered and comes with Certificate of Authenticity

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